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Family owned and operated since 1925

Bob Van Zytveld started Van’s Delivery Service in 1925 with one truck, one customer, and three deliveries a day to area hardware stores. His office was the family dining room, his desk the dining room table. His wife kept the company books and answered the phone. From the very beginning, he was completely devoted to his customers: in fact, his motto was “Courtesy and Promptness Assured”. Today, the business is still family owned, now in its fourth generation, and has grown into a thriving company of more than a hundred people.

Van’s Delivery Service has seen so much growth since Bob Van Zytveld started the business in 1925, he would barely recognize it today. But some things haven’t changed. The company is still providing customers with exceptional service. Even after all these years, their motto is still “Courtesy and Promptness Assured.”

Company Timelines
From our first truck in 1925 to present

1925 Company founded by Albert “Van” Van Zytveld

1942 Son Philmore comes to work at age 12

1956 Second generation – Philmore Van Zytveld becomes President

1961 First tractor/trailer is purchased

1966 Philmore buys the Company from “Van”.

1968 Grandson Ron comes to work at age 14

1976 Grandpa “Van” passes away

1984 Son-in-law, John Nieuwenhuis joins the Company

1985 Company is Incorporated

1986 First Intra-State Authority is granted

1990 Company moves to 3744 Dykstra, a real terminal with a garage

1994 Philmore retires, Ron and John buy the company.

1994 10,000 square foot warehouse is established at the request of a customer

1999 Interstate, Brokerage and Canadian Authority granted

2000 New headquarters with 240,000 square feet of warehouse is built by Visser Brothers Construction

2001 Warehousing operation spins off to form Van’s Logistics Service, LLC

2015 New West River warehouse with 160,000 square feet built by Visser Brothers Construction

2017 John Nieuwenhuis and Ron Van Zytveld retire

2017 Fourth generation – Andrew and Tiffany Armstrong buy the company 

Van’s Interstate Service, LLC

1991 Company is founded in order to handle the “long-haul” operations of Van’s Delivery

1998 Company is “redesigned” as an Independent Owner/Operator firm performing Intermodal Drayage in conjunction with Masselink Brothers Trucking, Inc.

Van’s Logistics Service, LLC

1995 Formed as a “spin-off” of Van’s Delivery

Van’s Brokerage Service, LLC

2007 Formed as a “spin-off” of Van’s Delivery

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